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PS3 faces tough competition

Says Sony Ireland boss.

Sony Computer Entertainment Ireland MD Niall O'Hanrahan has declared that the company faces tough competition in the next-gen console cycle - adding that there's no guarantee it will retain the position of market leader.

Speaking to the Irish Times, O'Hanrahan said: "We have a marketing challenge from now until launch. This is not a done deal. It will require a lot of effort from us."

"We would never say we cannot fail," he added.

And it's not just the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii Sony has to worry about, according to O'Hanrahan: "Competition is now not limited to direct competition. We compete with MP3 players. We noticed at E3 that games for PCs are back."

O'Hanrahan's comments make a nice change compared to some of those we've been hearing from Sony execs lately, which have led to the company being accused of arrogance. Earlier this week, Sony US boss Kaz Hirai said he was "confident" Sony will win the battle, stating: "With the PlayStation 3, we are keeping to our belief that we have the true next-generation console."