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Halo 3 trailer making-of

Lots of sequel chatter.

"You won't just finish one fight - you'll finish all of the fights that you started in Halo 1." That's Bungie explaining what Halo 3's going to be like in a new video talking about the making of the game's E3 trailer - which you can check out on Eurogamer TV now, with high-definition downloadable versions available on Bungie's website.

The seven-minute film talks about how the E3 trailer "is the reveal of the big mystery that Halo and Halo 2 have been driving toward." Various staffers talk about the scene shown in the trailer and how it relates to the Forerunners, what's happening to Cortana, and how the team wanted to create something on this scale before but were up against the limits of technology.

"When you're working in high definition it's a very unforgiving environment," they say, going on to talk about the Master Chief's armour and its self-shadowing, texture work, real-time reflection and the scratches - "He has been through some tremendous battle and we're actually showing that on the Chief this time around."

"If people just show a pre-rendered movie there's always going to be speculation about well yeah sure your renderer's not going to be able to do that, and I think what we're trying to show firmly is that our engine can do this stuff that we say it's going to do and it's doing it now," said sound-man Jay Weinland.

"I think in the end you're absolutely going to play what you watch in this trailer."

Halo 3 is due out next year, or so everyone reckons.