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Pro Evo 5 for PSP

DS version in doubt.

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Following the appearance of Pro Evolution Soccer 5 for PSP on a release schedule issued by Atari Australia, which publishes the PES games over there, Konami has confirmed to Eurogamer that the series is indeed going portable.

But only on Sony's handheld, apparently - there are no plans to produce a version for the Nintendo DS at present.

Which seems a little odd, since Winning Eleven was on a list of DS games in development released by Nintendo last summer. Hmm...

Konami producer Shingo "Seabass" Takatsuka discussed PES for PSP back in October, also revealing that PlayStation 2 owners may be able to go online with the fifth instalment in the series.

This has yet to be confirmed, as does a release date for PES5. However, is already taking pre-orders, suggesting it'll be marching onto the pitch come October 28. PES games are traditionally released around this time, so it seems like a reasonable estimate.

In other PES news, Konami has signed England and Chelsea defender John Terry to promote the series.

"I've been a massive fan of Pro Evolution Soccer for years now and am really pleased to be able to work with the talented people behind such a fantastic game," said Terry, clutching his bag of shiny new pound coins.

"It's the game of choice for lots of players as it is so true to the real thing. I'm looking forward to getting involved - and getting to play advance versions on the way!" Jolly good.

More on PES5 as soon as we get it.

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