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PES Management for Europe

It's compatible with PES5.

Konami has confirmed that Pro Evolution Soccer Management (working title) will be coming to European PS2s next year.

You'll be able to manage any club from six European leagues, and the game uses a "simple yet effective menu system" to let you oversee every aspect of your team's performance. Tasks will include selecting players, choosing training methods and picking coaching staff.

You'll also be in charge of negotiating transfer deals, and compatibility with PES5 means you can also search the game's player database for new signings. Then you can create 'Dream Teams' and use them in both PES5 and PES Management.

The game is being produced by Akiyoshi Chosokabe, a member of Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka's Pro Evo Soccer development team. It's the first management spin-off for the PES franchise, but if it proves anything like as popular as the rest of the series we doubt it'll be the last.