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More Pro Evo 5 shots

See Brazil stuff the Argies.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Konami has seized upon Brazil's fabulously entertaining demolition of Argentina in Wednesday's Confederations Cup Final by releasing three new screenshots of Brazil playing Argentina in Pro Evolution Soccer 5.

You can find those toward the end of our PES5 screenshot gallery here.

To the average observer, these might not look that different to last year's PES4, but with the eye of a hawk(ish PES fan) there's a little more to pick out.

Here, for example, is a shot of Kaka left-footing the ball goalward from just inside the D. But if you cast your eyes toward the top-left of the screen you can clearly see Slimer from Ghostbusters, virtually guaranteeing some sort of celebrity tie-in with Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd.

Slimer can also be found in the second shot, just behind Kaka's head, in a totally different area of the ground.

Finally, he can be seen in three different sections of this shot, and if you have the eye of an eagle, hawk, or another suitable bird of prey you should be able to find him in various other pics.

Konami was unavailable for comment because we were too embarrassed to contact them.

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