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PES5 shots, WE9 trailer

And Henry's back on the front.

Pro Evolution Soccer will once again be fronted by Arsenal striker Thierry Henry this year, Konami announced, and there are already screenshots to prove it.

In a related story, the Japanese PlayStation World official site this week posted a short video of Winning Eleven 9, from which Pro Evolution Soccer 5 is expected to draw several features.

Back here, Thierry ought to make a good poster-boy, having won plaudits all over Europe and recently been the subject of speculation that he'd move from FA Cup Winners Arsenal to Spanish Champions Barcelona. It may not have happened, but it's kept him in the headlines.

Best of all, he's a self-confessed PES fanboy, who's been dabbling in Konami's football titles "for over ten years now".

"It was great to be the face of such a realistic and engrossing football title [last year], so I was delighted to return for the newest version. I look forward to being closely involved with the creation and promotion of what promises to be a stunning game," he added.

Pro Evolution Soccer 5 is due out in Europe on PS2, Xbox and PC later this year, quite possibly in October, and the series is expected to grace the PlayStation Portable at some point too.

Winning Eleven 9 is due out on PS2 in Japan this August.