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MGS4 stealth camo details

Tilt controls? Kojima's last MGS?

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The stealth camouflage shown off in Metal Gear Solid 4's E3 trailer will play a key role, says Hideo Kojima - and what's more this will be his last game in charge.

MGS4 may even make use of the PlayStation 3's tilt sensor controller. "Perhaps you could use it for the FP view, or to shake down guards for items (like in the past MGS games), but nothing is decided," the game's creator says.

Speaking to US mag PSM2, Kojima said that the "active camouflage system" that allows Snake to blend quickly into his surroundings is known as "Octo-cam" - a fusion of Octopus and Camouflage. Sounds like Hideo.

Just as an Octopus can change colour, pattern and shape to hide among bumpy and unusual surroundings, MGS4's Snake will be able to melt into the background - a graphical effect Kojima, ever the helpful soldier in these next-gen battles, says is only possible on PS3.

Apparently the suit will adapt providing you stay still, and you'll have to keep your wits about you because with scenery destruction high on the agenda, scenarios will be quite dynamic - if something blows up as you're trying to blend in with it, you'll have to quickly lie down to merge with the floor.

However, while environments will be destructive, they won't be fully so. "We want the entire scenery to be interactive, but even on the PS3 there are limits," Kojima noted. "In some buildings you can destroy everything, but in other rooms only certain scenery - it should be easy to tell them apart." For example, PSM2 notes, in the E3 trailer the Metal Gear destroys the stairs, but the main platforms remain intact.

On top of that, Snake will employ a range of new moves - including one, yet to be revealed, which was inspired by Kojima's own military training. Maybe he's going to waffle people to death.

Meanwhile, there's the question of Kojima's own future. Having abortively attempted to leave the series prior to Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Kojima's making the same sort of noises again - claiming this is his "last Metal Gear game". "The series belongs to Konami and the fans, but I have the liberty to stop," he's quoted as saying.

Still, the trailers suggest he aims to go out with a bang - just as Snake may do.

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