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Double Agent dated

Plus other 360 dates.

He's always highly anticipated, but you never get a clear view of him until he's almost on you. Such is the way with secret agents, and since Sam Fisher's a Black Forest Double Agent Gateau, it's no surprise that we've learnt of his impending arrival just over a month beforehand.

In other, less tiring words, Splinter Cell: Double Agent is due out on Xbox 360 on October 20th, with the PC, Xbox, PS2 and GameCube versions leaping out of the bushes on October 27th.

Then, a month after that, Ubisoft's other new Tom Clancy game, Rainbow Six Vegas, will take up its place on Xbox 360 - on November 17th. That's the date already confirmed for the PC and PlayStation 3 versions of the game - the latter of which is clearly a launch title.

Other updates to Ubisoft's latest release schedule include all of the Wii launch titles it's been banging on about, and recently bought-up Japanese 360 title Import Tuner Challenge, which is down for October 10.

Finally, those of you still coveting Resident Evil 4 on the PC will be pleased to learn that the Ubisoft-published port of the Capcom PS2 and Cube title is due out on December 8th, and should cost absolutely bugger all.

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