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World Cup added to CM2006

Internationals, new GUI, more.

As Sven and his charges prepare for the World Cup this week, so too are Beautiful Game Studios - by releasing an update to Championship Manager 2006 that introduces International Management.

Naturally there's an option to start at the World Cup, and managers will also now have views on players available for international duty. But that's not all the stuff the update introduces either.

For a start there's a brand new graphical user interface including a new sidebar navigation system - with logical changes like the ability to seek in-game help with team-selection, tactics and sidebar, as well as pick the actual team from the tactics screen.

Data's been updated too, and there are a whole host of minor improvements and bug-fixes that should render the experience a lot smoother. For more details on what's changed, check out the CM 2006 website, and that's also where you should go to download the update.