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PopCap to show XBLA title at E3

Heavy Weapon, evoking Contra.

PopCap's planning to show off the Xbox Live Arcade version of PC/web-based side-scrolling shooter Heavy Weapon at E3 next week.

The XBLA version of Heavy Weapon adds new features, including a four-player mode, and enhancements including the usual array of gamerpoint-funding achievements.

Due out later in the year, Heavy Weapon's a side-scrolling shooter along the lines of Contra, in which players take on enemies in tanks, jeeps, fighter jets, helicopters and other vehicles.

The XBLA version add an exclusive survival multiplayer mode, which will form the basis of PopCap's E3 showcase.

"This marks the first time in PopCap's history that the company has publicly unveiled a game prior to its official release date," apparently. Man, PopCap - it's only downhill from there!

"As a kid, nothing was more fun than playing collaborative-style arcade games like Contra, where you and a friend could play together as a team, working together to blow the daylights out of everything on the screen," said Jason Kapalka, chief creative officer at PopCap.

"Few things are more satisfying than total mayhem with you in the thick of it. When we first considered putting Heavy Weapon on the Xbox, it was instantly clear to us that this would be the perfect multiplayer collaborative game, and the first playable prototype totally confirmed that expectation. We haven't been able to stop playing the prototype, and expect this to be a great Xbox Live Arcade game"

PopCap's previous XBLA games include Bejeweled 2 and Zuma Deluxe.

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