Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank

Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank

Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank

Retro evolved.

Having waded thigh deep in an unusually fierce torrent of retro sludge for the past couple of weeks (40 odd via PSP arcade compilations, 38 via Wii Virtual Console and another couple on Xbox Live Arcade), it's understandable that I've come away from the experienced slightly scarred. The past is a nice place to visit at this time of the year, but, like a bumbling old relative, you can only spend so much time in its company before wanting to pop your eyes out with a spoon.

But then a game like Heavy Weapon turns up on Live Arcade and reminds you that old fashioned gaming values don't have to be treated like a dotty old nan going on about The Good Old Days in her sleep. Instead, those so-called classic gameplay ingredients can be spiced up and mixed in a way that makes then, in some senses, much more palatable than they ever were in those fabled Days of Old Good.

Rather than tell you that Heavy Weapon is like a preposterously frantic Moon Patrol with that beloved dual-stick Robotron control system strapped to its underbelly, here are five good reasons why Heavy Weapon is my favourite New Old Shooter since Geometry Wars, in no particular order.

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