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Another Day of Reckoning for the GameCube

Insert your own comedy reference to sweaty men in lycra here.

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The Nintendo GameCube may be wheezing its way to the end of its life cycle - mournfully aware that it'll be completely forgotten when the new baby comes - but still it rages against the dying of the light with the announcement that WWE Day of Reckoning 2 will be a Cube exclusive.

All right, so it's not that much of a surprise - especially since WWE Day of Reckoning 1 was a Cube exclusive - but anyway, DoR2 features 45 WWE wrestlers (or "superstars", as you're supposed to call them), including new Legends never playable before. Jenny Powell and Leilani, then? Maybe not.

The story mode has been expanded and "filled with deception and betrayal", and the plot ties in with that of the first game. You can create your very own wrestler and there are new finishing moves, more specialty grapples, improved AI and multiple levels of pain and limb damage. And as if that wasn't enough, "the highest quality cut-scenes ever offered in the series."

"In designing WWE DoR2, we wanted to pick up the game's storyline right where we left off in the last instalment, just as WWE's programming continues its storylines night after night," said THQ executive-type Philip Holt.

"With its improved graphics, as well as enhanced fighting system for more realistic matches, WWE Day of Reckoning 2 is going to offer gamers another installment of top-notch wrestling action."

DoR2 is slated for a "fall" release in the states, and a "winter" launch in Europe seems likely.

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