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Digi-Guys shows off gorgeous Xbox 2 war game

UK-developed WarDevil: Unleash the Beast Within could be out on Xbox 2 by the end of next year. Details, images and a trailer all linked within.

Digi-Guys, a hitherto unsighted games developer based at Pinewood Studios here in the UK, has released a short and breathtaking teaser trailer for its next-generation game WarDevil: Unleash the Beast Within, believed to be on its way to Xbox 2 before the end of 2005.

The trailer is available in various sizes (biggest: 15.6MB) from the official WarDevil website here, and although it's impossible to judge whether it's running in real-time on actual console hardware or not, it's nevertheless an impressive glimpse of what developers are confident next-gen tech will be able to do.

"Designed as both a short movie and a videogame," according to Digi-Guys' website, WarDevil has been in development for "over 15 months" and aims to stand tall among its next-gen neighbours thanks to glorious 3D visuals and a filmic narrative, which pitches the player into the role of a "WarDevil" in a near-future world "ruled by the iron fist of the Chun Federation", where you must discover how to quell "the Beast Within".

The website also hosts a huge amount of concept artwork and screenshots of the game showcasing some of the levels the developer is planning. We've also mirrored the screenshots on Eurogamer here so you can escape WarDevil.com's Flash-based viewer.

Although billed as a "next-generation 3D title" in most of the on-site literature, tellingly the developer mentions Xbox development tools on the recruitment pages of the side, and as a result it's been widely linked to Xbox 2. That would also tie in with predictions that the Microsoft console will launch in late 2005; neither Nintendo's Revolution or Sony's PlayStation 3 are expected until mid-2006 at the earliest, and Digi-Guys is aiming to have WarDevil on store shelves before the end of next year.

That said, there's no solid confirmation WarDevil won't appear on other formats. Hopefully we'll hear more in the coming days and weeks as the website is updated with more information and media.

Probing further, Digi-Guys is also preparing to start work on full-length CG motion picture and game projects, according to its corporate web presence, with work on both taking place under the same roof at Pinewood Studios in the UK - and set to commence in early 2005.

We'll bring you much more on WarDevil as soon as we get it.

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