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WarDevil trailer set for Tokyo

'Beast Within' thought very pretty.

UK-based dev team Digi-Guys has decided to tease us with more from its 3D action-adventure WarDevil - Unleash the Beast Within project.

A new trailer is being planned for this year's Tokyo Game Show (with a downloadable version set for release around then too), showing off more from the new RTE 1080 visual engine used to project in-game images that Digi-Guys proudly state will compare and surpass that of pre-rendered sequences.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about, the current trailer is over at the official site. Pesky Non-Disclosure Agreements are keeping the development team from revealing what format the project will be released on, but it's thought to be something we'll eventually see on Xbox 360. We'll keep you posted.