Project Kane (once WarDevil)


Ignition cancels WarDevil again - report

Widespread redundancies reported.

WarDevil resurrected as Project Kane

"Xbox 2" game coming Q4 2011.

"Xbox 2" game WarDevil canned

"Breathtaking" game's breath taken.

WarDevil trailer set for Tokyo

'Beast Within' thought very pretty.

Ignition cancels WarDevil again - report

Widespread redundancies reported.

WarDevil resurrected as Project Kane

"Xbox 2" game coming Q4 2011.

"Xbox 2" game WarDevil canned

"Breathtaking" game's breath taken.

WarDevil trailer set for Tokyo

'Beast Within' thought very pretty.

Digi-Guys shows off gorgeous Xbox 2 war game

UK-developed WarDevil: Unleash the Beast Within could be out on Xbox 2 by the end of next year. Details, images and a trailer all linked within.