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Eragon demo on Xbox Live

Only for Gold users though.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Xbox Live Gold subscribers looking forward to the videogame version of Eragon can download a 415MB demo today to see whether it's any good.

Developed by Stormfront, Eragon is based on the forthcoming film which is, in turn, based on books by a chap called Christopher Paolini.

The books follow a young chap called Eragon who discovers that he's actually a Dragon Rider, and gets "swept into a world of magic and power".

Given Stormfront's pedigree of Lord of the Rings adaptations, you'd be right to guess that this translates into a bit of a hackandslash in game terms.

Anyway, it's due out later this month - on PC, PS2, PSP, Xbox, DS and GBA as well as our pal the 360, so watch out for a review in the nearish future.

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