No, it's definitely still there.

The most hilarious thing about that weirdo who claims to have 100,000 Gamerscore points was the fact that he'd allegedly scalped 1000 of those points from playing Eragon.

Now, hang on a cotton-pickin' minute.

That not only involves playing through the whole game on Normal difficulty but Hard as well. Surely this would be a task beyond even the most slavish of Gamerscore whores. Not because Stormfront's movie-based hackandslash game is too tough or too long, you understand - it's just not a game that any sane-minded individual would ever consider playing any more than absolutely necessary.

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Eragon demo on Xbox Live

Only for Gold users though.

Xbox Live Gold subscribers looking forward to the videogame version of Eragon can download a 415MB demo today to see whether it's any good.


E3: Here be dragons. And movie tie-ins.

These days, Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without an epic blockbuster based on some rubbish old books about wizards turning up in cinemas. It was much better when we were growing up; children's films had proper themes, like space and time travel and robots and mermaids. Okay, so The Never Ending Story had magic and dragons and all that, but a horse drowns in it. DROWNS [you've ruined it for me - Ed].

Eragon - new from Tippex!

Well, Vivendi. S'about dragons.

Vivendi is adapting Eragon for release on PC, consoles and handhelds to coincide with the release of the film later this year.