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Eragon - new from Tippex!

Well, Vivendi. S'about dragons.

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Vivendi is adapting Eragon for release on PC, consoles and handhelds to coincide with the release of the film later this year.

Nope, we'd never heard of Eragon either - but apparently it's one of the world's favourite fantasy book series, despite its modest profile here on these'm shores.

It's all about a chap called Eragon, predictably, who discovers that he's not just a farm boy but also destined to become a Dragon Rider - with the power to save or destroy his Empire home. We wish we'd discover something like that.

Anyway, Eragon will be big news at the flicks this Christmas - with Jeremy Irons, John Malkovich and others involved - and Vivendi's working on PS2, Xbox, X360, PC, PSP, DS and GBA versions of a game. It'll be out in November.

Given the story's fantasy roots, Vivendi's secured the help of Stormfront Studios - probably best known for their work on EA's Lord of the Rings console games - to do the PS2, Xbox, X360 and PC versions, while Amaze Entertainment's working on the others.

All versions will boast a big old single-player campaign, presumably of the hackandslash variety, but there are also platform-specific bits and bobs to note - console and PC will boast two-player co-op, while there'll be touch-screen spell-casting on the DS, and four-player wireless arena battles on the PSP.

With it all coming to ahead around Christmastime, Vivendi's planning to give everyone a good look at Eragon at next month's E3, and it's from there that we shall inform you more, presumably.

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