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New LMA Manager details

Codies spills the beans.

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Codemasters has revealed a few more details of its forthcoming football management sim for PS2 and Xbox.

LMA Manager 2006 features a new transfer system, billed as 'the most realistic yet'. You can expect additional negotiation tactics and contract clauses, plus player swap deals, sell-on fees and appearance bonuses too.

Then, once the season kicks off, you can keep up to date with all the latest news from the international leagues by tuning into Football One, the game's interactive TV section.

It's been given a whole new look for LMA 06, and now offers more stats and media reports than ever before.

As well as match highlights and reports, results and league tables, you can also watch news flashes and news reports which let you know who's moving clubs, who's won what, who's on the physio's table and who's been shown a red card. You'll also learn about which clubs might be making the moves on which million pound players, so you can get in there first.

As if all that wasn't enough, Gary Lineker has taken time out from his busy crisp-pimping schedule to voice the live cup draws, which are back for LMA 06.

And finally, the highlights section has been given a healthy overhaul - so expect "cutting edge television-style presentation", including options to view the best goals, saves, near misses and fouls from four camera angles, either in full screen or via an inset window.

LMA Manager 2006 is out at the end of October.

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