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Elder Scrolls title planned for next gen consoles?

Bethesda website requests help for next gen projects

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An interesting update on Bethesda Softworks' website recently has given a few clues as to what its plans for the future are, with two job offers on its Help Wanted page scouting for a 'World Builder' on its next Elder Scrolls title, as well as on general RPG development "for the PC and future-generation consoles."

With Morrowind arriving on both the PC and Xbox, it seems more than likely that the next Elder Scrolls title will also be rolled out on next generation consoles.

This time, it is more likely that the series will make its debut on PlayStation too, given the PS3 will be more than capable of handling an RPG - unlike the PS2, which was hamstrung in a variety of ways.

Given that the developer is only just starting its next Elder Scrolls title, we could well be waiting as much as four to five years, but more likely more, with the ever lengthening development cycles. Ah well, at least we know work is underway.

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