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Eidos renamed Deus Ex: Clan Wars to Snowblind

Mystery of the mooted Deus Ex action game becomes clear at last.

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Eidos' briefly mentioned Deus Ex 'action game', subtitled 'Clan Wars' is the Crystal Dynamics-developed tactical shooter Snowblind, it emerged today.

The Internet rumour-mill went into overdrive a few months back when Warren Spector was linked with Crystal Dynamics, leading many to jump to the conclusion that he was involved with the next Tomb Raider title - also in development at the company.

But the more likely scenario, it seems, is that Spector was involved in the initial stages of Deus Ex: Clan Wars, the title Eidos mentioned in passing in an April financial report. Since then, according to a source close to the developer, Eidos changed the project's name to Snowblind in time for E3, where it premiered the game for the first time.

The lead character of Snowblind features a high tech special-ops commando, tooled up with various bio-mod super powers and improbable weapons. In a setting not a million miles away from Deus Ex, he fights Cyborgs and robots in an urban wasteland - a crumbled version of China, in fact.

The promising sounding game is coming out on PS2 and Xbox, features 11 sprawling missions with an all-new physics-based engine, with the player tasked with leading a squad of AI commandos into battle, while also looking after them. On top of that expect futuristic offensive and defensive weapons, vehicles aplenty and even Mechs. Oh, and not forgetting online multiplayer combat for up to 16 players over 16 maps.

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