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Star Wars titles forced into 2005

LucasArts confirms February 2005 release dates for KOTOR II and Republic Commando.

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Knights Of The Old Republic II and Star Wars: Republic Commando will not be released this year, it emerged yesterday, adding to the succession of recent high profile delays.

LucasArt's two biggest titles are now down for a 'Winter' release in Activision's latest schedule, which on further investigation actually means February, as opposed to, say, November or December, sadly.

The squad-based Star Wars shooter that is Republic Commando was originally down for a summer release, and looks immensely promising, so there's disappointment all round for those looking for some Clonetrooper action.

KOTOR II's delay, however, isn't so much of a surprise. In fact, Activision confirmed yesterday that it always had the game scheduled for a 2005 release.

But in truth, any good games out at the start of a year are always a bonus as far as we're concerned. ...

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