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GTA creator questions Sony

And goodness of San Andreas.

Grand Theft Auto creator Dave Jones has revealed he's not convinced Sony has got what it takes to beat Microsoft in the online gaming stakes.

"I seriously question Sony's policy of leaving it down to publishers to come up with their own standards for each [online] game," Jones told Edge magazine.

"I completely disagree with it. I'm not going to put my credit card details with five different companies for some bits of downloadable content. Sony is a huge force, and definitely has been with the PS2 - but now I see it being, at worst, a 50/50 race, but as time goes on I lean more and more towards Microsoft," he continued

Jones is currently working on Crackdown, an Xbox 360 title first announced last year. He hasn't worked on a Grand Theft Auto game since GTA II - so what does he think of the more recent instalments in the series?

"I'd say that, for me, the pinnacle was Vice City. I thought that was absolutely brilliant," Jones said.

"It had perfect timing, perfect music and a perfect level of humour."

But, according to Jones: "Then it lost it with San Andreas, where it went a bit too dark and story-driven." Rockstar take note, when you've finished polishing the diamonds the size of footballs in the box marked SAN ANDREAS PROFITS.