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GTA creator's Xbox 360 title

RTW lays the Crackdown.

Scottish developer Real Time Worlds - the studio founded by Grand Theft Auto and Lemmings co-creator David Jones - has revealed the first details of its new Xbox 360 game.

Titled Riot Act in Japan and Crackdown over here, it's being described as a futuristic GTA, complete with an online mode. You take on the role of a special agent with super powers who's been tasked with cleaning the scum off the city streets - the scum in question being three criminal alliances who are vying for power.

The Cai-Shen Corp is an Asian gang that has a healthy taste for skilled hitmen and violent revenge. Russians The Volk specialise in firearms, while La Muerta is a Spanish gang with a thing for souped-up automobiles. Only by murderising the boss of each gang can you restore peace to the city.

We're promised a huge, realistic-looking game environment with full on day-to-night cycles and plenty of room to explore. There are thousands of other characters in the city - some good, some bad, some ugly - and loads of vehicles, from plain old cars to big fat tractors.

You can choose your character's gender and physical appearance, and they have attributes such as strength, running ability, gun handling and driving technique that develop depending on how you play the game.

So, for example, each time you belt a baddie your strength will increase - and since your character is superhuman, you can eventually become powerful enough to pick up cars and chuck them at enemies.

But if you feel like being a bit more cleverer, you might choose to take the less violent option and simply take away their guns and vehicles. As a reward, your own gun and driving attributes will be improved.

So far two online modes have been announced - co-op, which does exactly what it says on the tin, and multi-play, which they're saying nothing about for now.

Crackdown is due out in 2006.

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