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Nintendo DS to get MP3 player

It'll work on the GBA too.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Nintendo has confirmed to Eurogamer an MP3 player for its handhelds, sold under the name of Play Yan in Japan, is coming to Europe.

"It's just like the Play Yan, where you insert an SD card into a GBA cart-sized adaptor," a Nintendo spokesperson explained.

"That is then inserted into either your DS, DS Lite, GBA SP or GB Micro - turn it on and away you go."

Nintendo has yet to confirm whether the MP3 player will come complete with an SD card. A 1GB SD card, which can hold approximately 240 songs, currently retails for around 30 Euro.

The spokesperson dismissed suggestions that the player will only work with SD cards of up to 2GB storage capacity, stating: "You can put any other sized SD card into it, not just 2GB."

According to the spokesperson, "Both price and release date for Europe are still to be confirmed." However, gadget website Gizmodo is citing an October release date, and reckons it'll set you back 29.99 Euro.

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