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New weapons for Team Fortress 2

Heavy patch to be released tomorrow.

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Valve has unveiled Natascha, a brand new minigun for the Heavy in Team Fortress 2.

This level 5 weapon slows enemies down but does a quarter less damage than the default Sasha gun. Useful for sapping zippy scouts or fleeing medics.

Natascha joins Team Fortress 2 as part of a Heavy update tomorrow.

Alongside the gun will be Killing Gloves of Boxing, an unlockable melee weapon that grants five seconds of guaranteed critical hits when an enemy is pummelled with them. Those five seconds can be spent in a Rocky-rage or at range with a minigun.

Valve still has one more unlockable weapon to unveil for the Heavy.

Also in the imminent patch will be a brace of new maps plus achievements for the Heavy.

Head over to the update website to find out more.

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