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New MechWarrior game announced

Series reboot with RPG twist.

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Piranha Games and Smith and Tinker are working on a brand new MechWarrior game, confirming reports yesterday.

Known simply as MechWarrior, it's a restart for the series on PC and Xbox 360 - platforms with the power to motion-capture robots for more believable action, according to an interview on IGN.

The pair are currently searching for a publisher and so have no idea when the game will be released, but their plans are ambitious: a single-player campaign, co-op for four and a full suite of multiplayer pursuits. They're even considering cross-play between PC and 360.

There's an RPG mechanic underpinning the game, where experience can be poured into learning certain types of robot, as MechWarrior will avoid the usual race from fastest to the heaviest.

The story, meanwhile, follows an idle nobleman called Khol, who is convinced to put his MechWarrior training to use after an invasion leaves his entire family dead. Why is it never about balloons and dancing.

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