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MechWarrior ready for a comeback?

Video teasers make convincing case.

Robot franchise MechWarrior could be ready to make a return after seven years on the scrapheap.

A trio of teaser trailers on IGN, featuring hulking mechanised bipeds, point to as much.

Piranha Games is rumoured as the developer and EA as the publisher. Smith and Tinker now owns the rights to MechWarrior after creator FASA Studios closed following poor reception of Shadowrun.

IGN also happens to have an upcoming and coincidentally-timed interview with Piranha and Smith and Tinker. And Piranha, remember, has been working on an unannounced next-gen project since 2005.

MechWarrior is a very popular tabletop RPG series. Its videogame legacy comes from a series of action-shooter games where we take control of robots and blow things up.

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