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New Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer showcases protagonists

Meet the family.

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Rockstar has revealed the second trailer for Grand Theft Auto 5, showcasing each of the game's three protagonists.

First up is Michael, a retired criminal now trying to live a straight life. He has a rich house and a dysfunctional family. Then there's Trevor Phillips, an unwashed hard man who lives in a trailer and isn't afraid of using violence. Completing the trio is Franklin, a dodgy car salesman.

Footage from a number of missions is shown off. We see Trevor blowing up a house, Michael's son hanging off a boat on the freeway and someone jumping out of a car while falling out of a plane.

The trailer sheds light on the three characters' relationships to each other. Michael describes Trevor as his best friend and Franklin as "the son he's never had". Meanwhile Michael's actual son looks a bit of a gangster wannabe.

There's a bewildering amount of detail shown in the game's world - trains, buses, cars, dirtbike racing and a jet plane fight with a helicopter.

It's all set to Skeletons by Stevie Wonder, a song befitting Michael's washed-up gangster background ("Skeletons in your closet / Itchin' to come outside / Messin' with your conscience / In a way your face can't hide").

The trailer is the first slice of new footage for over a year, since the game was first shown to the public last November.

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