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New Café area coming to Home

No word on price for virtual Frappuccinos.

Some images have emerged of the new Café area in PlayStation Home.

Writing on the PlayStation forums, Home bossman Locust_Star described the Café as "a public space for everyone's enjoyment".

He added, "While specific events will be hosted in the Café, in the end it will be used for all the same purposes every other space in Home is - socialising with other PS3 users. That's what Home is about. But thats not to say that we can't turn it into something different if that is what the community calls for."

Locust_Star was keen to stress the Café is still a work in progress and will evolve over time, "as with all things in Home".

"BETA! BETA, BETA!" he added, clearly a big fan of the British Equestrian Trade Association.