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Netflix's animated Dragon's Dogma series gets first trailer

Ahead of its September release.

Netflix has released the first trailer for its animated adaptation of Capcom's action-RPG Dragon's Dogma, ahead of the series' arrival on 17th September.

According to Netflix's official series listing, the Dragon's Dogma TV adaptation charts the adventures of a man named either Ethan, newly resurrected as an Arisen, as he attempts to hunt down the dragon that robbed him of his heart.

As was very much the case in Capcom's source material, Ethan's quest is enlivened by the arrival of a pawn (previously referred to as Hannah), which appears by his side to protect his life. "But the dangers that lie in wait for Ethan are beyond their imaginations," teases Netflix ominously, "for when you fight a monster... you just may become one too."

Cover image for YouTube videoDragon's Dogma | Official Trailer | Netflix

Netflix's Dragon's Dogma adaptation is being made by Japanese studio Sublimation - meaning that unlike the myriad other animated series Netflix has liberally plastered with the word 'anime' in its marketing material, this one actually is an anime - with Shin'ya Sugai on directorial duties, Kurasumi Sunayama writing, and Iku Nishimura handling character design.

Season one of Dragon's Dogma will span seven episodes in total, and the English language dub stars Greg Chun, Erica Mendez, and Cristina Vee.