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Mutant Mudds coming to Wii U in Q1 2013

And iOS next week.

Mutant Mudds may not be coming to Steam anytime soon after it failed to make the recent list of games accepted onto Greenlight, but in spite of its struggle to get onto Valve's portal, developer Renegade Kid is releasing the retro platformer on both Wii U and iOS.

Renegade Kid co-founder Jools Watsham announced the Wii U port on twitter. "It's going to have even more unique content," he wrote before adding that it will be out in Q1 2013.

We've asked for clarification on what that new content is exactly and are awaiting reply.

Shortly thereafter Watsham revealed to Destructoid that Mutant Mudds would also be coming to iOS. The mobile port is due on 6th December for the modest price of $0.99.

The iOS version will contain the original game's 40 levels plus the 20 extra hard stages of Grannie DLC.

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