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MS responds to XBL account expiries

"Actively working" on solution for lost IDs.

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Microsoft says it is "actively working" on a workaround for the problem that causes Xbox Live accounts to expire if they're associated with a dormant Windows Live ID.

The idea, according to Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, is to let users link Gamertags to new Windows Live IDs if one becomes dormant. It was recently revealed that dormant IDs wipe associated Xbox Live Gamertags and their Achievements, much to everybody's frustration.

"In the rare case that you do not sign in to or another website that uses Windows Live ID (like Hotmail) it is possible that your Windows Live ID expires (goes dormant)," explained Major Hryb.

"An Xbox Live Gamertag is unrecoverable from the system only when the associated Windows Live ID has become dormant and the Gamertag has been deleted from all Xbox 360 consoles.

"Members with dormant Windows Live IDs can continue to enjoy the benefits of their Xbox LIVE Gamertags on their Xbox 360 consoles, including earning Achievements; however, they will not be able to use their expired Windows Live IDs for activities such as account management on," he said.

Apparently Gamertags only become unrecoverable once the ID goes dormant and the Gamertag is deleted.

Hryb added that all people can do for now make sure they log into their Windows Live ID once every four months.

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