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Mortal Kombat movie finally has a UK release date

Get over here!

The Mortal Kombat movie launches in the UK on Thursday, 6th May, Warner Bros. has announced.

It'll be a rent-from-home launch. If it's anything like how Warner's Godzilla vs. Kong launched on these shores, Mortal Kombat will cost £15.99 to rent, and it will be available from Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play, iTunes and the Sky Store.

Mortal Kombat - Opening Seven Minutes.Watch on YouTube

The UK release comes two weeks after Mortal Kombat launched in the US on 23rd April. In the US, the film launched in select cinemas and via streaming service HBO Max.

Some had hoped Mortal Kombat would launch in the UK at the same time as in the US, but it failed to materialise.

I'm a little surprised Warner Bros. didn't wait until cinemas reopen on 17th May before releasing the film. Perhaps they know something we don't.

Anyway, I imagine any UK fan who really wanted to see the Mortal Kombat movie will have done so already via... certain means. But if you really want to hand Warner Bros. 16 quid to rent it, you'll be able to from next week.