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Mortal Kombat movie releases in the US - but's a no-show in the UK

Film pain.

The Mortal Kombat movie launched in the US as planned yesterday, 23rd April - but it's nowhere to be seen in the UK.

The film launched in the US in select cinemas and via streaming service HBO Max.

Mortal Kombat - Opening Seven Minutes.Watch on YouTube

Some had hoped Mortal Kombat would launch in the UK at the same time, but it has so far failed to materialise.

It's surprising because recent Warner Bros. movies that launched in the US did launch in the UK at the same time.

Godzilla vs Kong, for example, was made available to rent from a range of video-on-demand services in the UK, including Amazon Prime Video, Sky Store and iTunes, from 1st April - a day after the film came out in the US in select cinemas and to stream on HBO Max.

Zack Snyder's Justice League was made available to stream via Sky Cinema / Now TV in the UK on the same day it launched in the US on HBO Max. I burned through a seven-day Sky Cinema trial just for it!

And Wonder Woman 1984 launched in some UK cinemas before it released in US theatres and on HBO Max. The film subsequently hit video-on-demand form on Amazon Prime Video.

So, what happened with Mortal Kombat? A rep for the movie told Eurogamer this week: "There's no release plan currently announced for the UK."

That doesn't help much. Perhaps Warner Bros. is waiting for UK cinemas to open so it can release the film here then? The current UK roadmap out of restrictions pegs cinemas to reopen on 17th May.

Until then? Well, we won't say it. But... you know.

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