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More Yu-Gi-Oh! from Konami

World Champ edition for DS.

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Konami has revealed a fancy new Yu-Gi-Oh! card battling game for DS due out this March.

It will go hand-in-hand with the real-life 2008 World Championship, and recreate over 2,000 of the cards that line the palms of spotty teenage tacticians.

Interesting additions come from wireless capabilities to take on friends from all over the earth or in your house - either on your own or in pairs - as well a voice chat system to talk about things before battle begins.

Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2008 will have its own single player to get to grips with, too, in case you are a bit flustered about airing your abilities so soon, and you will be given three special limited edition cards to use in real-life as coasters or as motorbike noise-makers on your BMX.

Tom wanted me to tell you about it because "these aren't actually bad games", as you can tell from our World Chapionship 2007 review, but you have a long road ahead of you if you want to beat 2007 World Champion Toro Andres from Chile.

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