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Monster Hunter Tri G shifts one million in Japan

Monster success.

Monster Hunter Tri G has shipped one million copies in Japan, Capcom has announced.

Sales of the Nintendo 3DS game, which launched in Japan on 10th December 2011, have helped the hugely popular action series top the 20 million units sold mark.

Monster Hunter Tri G on 3DS is based on Wii game Monster Hunter Tri, which launched in August 2009. It uses the Circle Pad Pro attachment.

Capcom said the 3DS game has become popular among a broad range of people extending from current to new game players. Boosting its popularity was Capcom's decision to send a truck with game playing machines to 18 locations throughout Japan as a way of getting a demo version of the game out to the masses. The company collaborated with drink Asahi and CALBEE, too. There are even Monster Hunter-themed arcade machines.

Tri G has yet to be announced for a Western release. Nintendo Europe's latest 2012 software release schedule shows no sign of the game.

The next all-new Monster Hunter is Monster Hunter 4, already announced as an exclusive for 3DS.

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