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First Monster Hunter 3DS details

New control scheme revealed.

The Japanese Monster Hunter 3G website has revealed the first details on the game.

The headline new feature is a brand new control method, built for the Nintendo 3DS. You can play the game with just the slide pad and buttons, or you can use the touchscreen, Andriasang reports.

The lower screen displays a Target Camera panel, which can be toggled on or off. When on, a press of the L button forces the camera to turn to the monster you're fighting. When off, L moves the camera behind your character's back. When on, tap L twice to make the camera turn to your back. You can tap icons on the 3DS touchscreen to use items.

The official Monster Hunter 3G website does not, however, reveal the control scheme for the Nintendo 3DS second circle pad cradle attachment, revealed yesterday. The add-on is set for an official launch on Tuesday, 13th September, during Nintendo's pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference.

"Brakidios", as Andriasang calls it, is a new monster that takes pride of place on the cover of the game, abbreviated MHP3G. His forehead and front legs have a special substance that explodes after a set time, apparently.

Tanzia Harbour is a new base of operations players will call home. It's a stopover for trade routes, and replaces Monster Hunter Tri's Rocktrack City network mode hub. Monster Hunter 3G is an upgraded version of Wii game Monster Hunter Tri, as it was called in the West, and as such does not rely on the Nintendo 3DS 3D effect. The game will also include new weapon designs.