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Monster Hunter Tri G rumoured for 3DS

Plus new Baten Kaitos, Mach Rider.

Nintendo's previously teased pre-Tokyo Game Show "big reveal" is Monster Hunter Tri G for 3DS, according to online reports.

Nintendo will also reportedly reveal Mach Rider Unchained, a dark racing-brawler, and Baten Kaitos: Silence of the Mechanised Son, a new entry in the card-battling RPG series last seen on the GameCube.

An anonymous tipster who claimed to work for the Computer Entertainment Suppliers Association, which organises the Tokyo Game Show, revealed three titles to be announced at Nintendo's event (4chan via NeoGAF).

Monster Hunter Tri G will feature connectivity with a console version of the game - does that mean Monster Hunter Tri on Wii or an unannounced Wii U incarnation?

Leaked promotional artwork from the new 3DS Baten Kaitos, co-developed by Xenoblade Chronicles' outfit Monolith Soft, shows a protagonist with blue hair and a mechanical wing - likely series protagonist Kalas, suggesting a continuation of the GameCube series' story.

Meanwhile, Mach Rider Unchained looks to be a reboot of Nintendo's ancient NES racing title. Due out on 3DS next year, it's set in 2112 and is said to feature gritty vehicle racing mixed with over the top on-foot gun battles.

Nintendo's pre-TGS event takes place a week today - 13th September 2011.

Capcom was unable to comment when contacted by Eurogamer.