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Molyneux studio 22Cans needs you to be a Curiosity beta tester

Can you square an hour or two?

Peter Molyneux studio 22Cans has thrown open requests for Curiosity - What's inside the Cube (formerly Curiosity) beta testers, as the social experimentation app edges ever closer to release.

Fancy being tapped up by the man himself? You can register your interest via the 22Cans Facebook page. You'll need an iPhone or iPad to take part.

You're asked to give your name, email, location and device type, as well as your reason for participating. Testers will need to devote an hour of their time around 4pm GMT this week.

"As we get nearer to releasing our first app "Curiosity - What's inside the Cube", we are looking for some feedback," the signup states.

"So we are asking for a few kind people to participate in trying out our first experiment. Hopefully these people will give honest feedback on what Curiosity is like, and spot some of the flaws in this totally unique experience. We totally signed up."

Curiosity - What's inside the Cube was delayed for release later this month after 22Cans missed the game's original August launch date.

We've totally signed up.

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