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Midway picks up Wii air guitar game

European tour bus arriving in November.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Midway will be bringing Wii music game PopStar Guitar to Europe this November.

This, a cheesy-chart take on Guitar Hero, has you leading your Abba or Venga Boys band to the top of the pops.

The best bit is the lack of an instrument peripheral; here your talents are measured by playing air guitar, captured using an AirG piece of equipment.

There's no explanation of how AirG works, but we're told this will turn the Wiimote into a guitar.

There are 60 songs in PopStar Guitar, provided by the likes of Blink 182, Simple Plan and 3 Doors Down. You pick from one of 12 characters and lead your band through 25 worldwide stages in single-player career mode.

Tire of that and multiplayer mini-game battles hope to hold interest for a little longer.

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