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Microsoft shows Glacius for Killer Instinct, teases Chief Thunder

Combo breaker combo breakers.

I wonder who this belongs to?

At the Evo 2013 fighting game tournament Microsoft showed off a new trailer for Killer Instinct, revealing Glacius and teasing Chief Thunder.

Glacius is an ice-based alien character who returns from the original Killer Instinct. In the reboot, developed by Double Helix with help from Rare as an Xbox One exclusive, Glacius has a new look

Near the end of the trailer a tomahawk thuds into a tree - a clear hint that Chief Thunder, another character from the original Killer Instinct, will be revealed shortly.

The new Killer Instinct is a download-only fighting game due out alongside the Xbox One this November. The free version includes Jago for use in local and online play, with other characters available to buy separately over the course of a season.

So far the playable roster is as follows: Jago, Sabre Wulf, Glacius and Chief Thunder.

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