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Marvel's Avengers Tachyon Anomaly event lets you play with a squad of Hulks

Four Ragnarok.

At launch, Marvel's Avengers was pretty clear about one thing: you couldn't have multiples of the same superhero in your squad. You couldn't have multiple Hulks or Iron Mans (Iron Men?), and you could only have one Ms Marvel. Which was a shame, because Ms Marvel was actually pretty great.

Now, however, you can - though only for a limited time. Tachyon Anomaly is a new limited-time event live in Marvel's Avengers until 3rd May.

Event missions which let you double, triple or quadruple up a particular character in your squad are now available from the War Table. Animated event nameplates for each character are also available to buy in the game's shop.

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Why is all this happening now? In-game, it is being explained as a result of "AIM's tampering with time", which lets multiple versions of a character appear simultaneously or something. Outside of the game, well, it's something to keep players busy until new content arrives.

Square Enix has issued a roadmap for future modes coming to the game - though the arrival of Black Panther, its next character, is not expected until a vague "Summer and beyond" launch window. The game's PlayStation-exclusive Spider-Man content also lacks a release date, and has now been officially delayed.