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Marvel's Avengers MCU-inspired outfits will be sold exclusively via marketplace, developer clarifies

Green with envy.

Marvel Cinematic Universe-inspired outfits coming to Marvel's Avengers will exclusively be sold in the game's marketplace, developer Crystal Dynamics has now confirmed.

An earlier Twitter post from the official Marvel's Avengers account was read by some fans as suggesting that they'd be given as free event rewards - something which the developer has now clarified.

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"We'll be introducing the Red Room Takeover event this spring!" the account tweeted over the weekend. "Features rewards like animated nameplates, outfits inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a deadly HARM Room hacked by Yelena Belova, and more secrets to decrypt."

Today, the account has posted a reply to this tweet with the following update:

"To clarify, the outfits inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be available exclusively in the Marketplace for purchase with credits."

Fans who read the first Twitter post to mean that the Red Room Takeover event would feature the MCU costumes as part of its rewards have, predictably, reacted in disappointment at the news.

Others have said they always read the original tweet to mean that only animated nameplates would be provided as rewards, and that it seemed unlikely Crystal Dynamics would hand out lucrative MCU outfits for free.

This month, Crystal Dynamics finally laid out a roadmap for Marvel's Avengers content detailing release plans through "summer and beyond". It included mention of both free and paid-for content, including the MCU outfits - though did not specify how these would be unlocked.

After launching the game's Hawkeye expansion in March, this spring will see the game get new Tachyon Missions and its Red Room Takeover event. This summer, a new Scientist Supreme Villain Sector will be added as part of a Cosmic Cube event. After that, a Patrol mode will be added, plus new War Zones and Assignments in the Wasteland Region.

All of this will build to the next big expansion for the game, War for Wakanda, which will add Black Panther and new story content. There's no release date for that, but like all other hero expansions, it will be provided for free.

"The upgraded Marvel's Avengers offers plenty of improvements, but is still lacking in purpose," Vikki Blake wrote in appraisal of the game's new PlayStation 5 version this week. "Yes, it's wonderful to get free content to while away an evening or two. But with so little reward for organic exploration and a persistent lack of post-campaign content, I fear it's still not enough."