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Majesco unveils Our House

In the middle of our street.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Majesco has come up with a bizarre idea to let you build your own house using the Wii.

Dubbed Our House, you erect your dwelling from start to end, using the Wiimote to lay foundations, hammer in nails, saw wood, paint and decorate, and generally do the sort of jobs you pay someone to take care of because good god it is hard work.

Still, here you will be shopping for raw materials in the Home Store, delving into mini-games to earn money so you can maximize the value of your gaff before your friends do. Once finished, you can pop your creation in an online neighbourhood thanks to the Wii Connect 24 channel.

For families or people with friends there's a four-player build-off to go absolutely bonkers over, as well as a Party mode to cut to the chase and get straight into mini-game mischief.

Our House is being developed by Budcat, who most recently ported Guitar Hero III to PS2, and it is tentatively due out sometime early next year.

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