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LOTRO: Mines of Moria dated

MMO to expand in November.

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Codemasters Online plans to release Lord of the Rings Online expansion pack Mines of Moria on 18th November across Europe and North America.

The add-on hails the arrival of Kazad-dum, the dwarven kingdom set under the mountain where the big, fiery balrog lives.

More importantly, Mines of Moria increases the level cap by 10, adds two new classes, and offers up plenty of fresh monsters, quests, and shiny loot.

Those pre-ordering the expansion will be granted access to a special lifetime subscription rate of GBP 119.99 / EUR 149.99. Gosh, what a bargain.

There's also a Cloak of Sunset for early buyers, as well as character title "Moria Expeditionary" and an in-game token to buy items with.

Head over to our Mines of Moria gamepage for much, much more information.

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