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Lost connection to the Destiny 2 servers? You're not alone

It's a known issue and Bungie's looking into it.

It seems there are a number of Destiny 2 players who are unable to log-in to the game today.

Some players receive a "lost connection to the Destiny 2 servers" message when selecting the character they wish to play as. I've had this problem all morning while attempting to play on a PlayStation 4 Pro.

There's no official word that the problem relates specifically to the PS4 Pro, but anecdotal evidence I've cobbled together from fellow Destiny 2 players suggests there may well be a correlation. Those playing on a bog-standard PS4 in the Gamer Network office are able to log-in and play as normal.

Bungie's said it's aware of the issue and looking into it.

Meanwhile, PS4 Pro owners have reported suffered frustrating game crashes while playing Destiny 2. I've seen complaints on social media, reddit and on Bungie's forum from people who say they can't progress longer than a few minutes before suffering a crash.

Again, Bungie's said it's aware of the issue and looking into it.

All told, it looks like Destiny 2's having slight teething problems in launch week. Fingers crossed Bungie can sort it out sooner rather than later.