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Looks like Destiny's major September expansion is named The Taken King

Royal with cheese.

Destiny's major September update will be named The Taken King, a new Bungie trademark spotted by NeoGAF user "Kifimbo" suggests.

The sci-fi shooter is due a meaty overhaul this autumn around the one year anniversary of Destiny's original launch, a leaked internal schedule revealed.

A logo reminiscent of the Hive suggests a return to the story of that particular alien race. The Taken King itself may be a reference to Oryx, whose son Crota you squashed in The Dark Below.

The leaked schedule, which emerged last year, suggested the expansion would offer far more content than the first two Destiny add-ons.

It's believed The Taken King, previously known under its working title of Comet, will effectively be Destiny 1.5. The schedule also indicated that it would be released in a boxed version (presumably in a Game of the Year-style package with all other Destiny content launched thus far).

The Taken King fits with what we know of Bungie's deal with publisher Activision. The contract both parties signed revealed the series would alternate between fully new games and yearly expansions over a 10-year period.

Before all that, Destiny's next add-on House of Wolves launches on 19th May.

Eurogamer has contacted Activision for comment.

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