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Lionhead prioritising Fable II Abbot bug

"Some things slip through the net."

Lionhead has said that fixing the Abbot bug in Fable II is a "matter of priority", and that a patch to fix the multiplayer glitch stripping characters of gold and experience will be made available "very soon".

"We are aware that a minority of people playing Fable II over the last few days have encountered an issue where the Abbot becomes unresponsive at the beginning of Monks Quest in Oakfield," one of the developers wrote on the official Lionhead forum.

"This is an isolated issue, but we are currently looking into it as a matter of priority," the poster continued.

"If you have already encountered this issue, there is unfortunately no work-around at this time, but we will keep you updated on any progress made.

There's no date for the patch at present, but the issue only seems to occur if you run away from the Abbot when he starts talking to you for the first time. If his cut-scene finishes, you should have no problem.

"Some things slip through the net during development, especially when a game is the size and scope of Fable II," adds the post.

"Again, we can only apologise for this issue, but we are doing our best. We might be silent on these boards, but we are watching and listening to you, the community, and are looking into all serious issues that are bought to our attention."

One thing that came up on the forum following the game's launch was the discovery that there is only one save slot available per character in Fable II, although you can have up to five characters per profile.

Fable II was released last Friday, and hits the shelves running after some serious critical acclaim, including a 10/10 from Eurogamer. Head over to our Fable II review to find out why.

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