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Limbo PSN, Steam release dates

Developer promises a "little extra secret".

Playdead Games has announced the release dates for the PlayStation Network and Steam versions of stunning downloadable game Limbo.

Limbo launches on PSN on 19th July in the US, and 20th July in Europe.

It goes live on Steam worldwide on 2nd August.

"It has been one year since Limbo originally launched on Xbox Live Arcade," Playdead said in a statement issued to Eurogamer.

"So we are happy, on the mark of Limbo's birthday, to bring the game to PC through Steam and to PlayStation 3 through PSN."

Playdead suggested PS3 and PC gamers may be in for a surprise if they buy the game.

"So, with less than four weeks to wait to get Limbo on PSN and Steam, we hope everyone will enjoy the game and the little extra secret we have in store for you..."

Meanwhile, the Limbo soundtrack launches on iTunes from today (Monday, 11th July).

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